Tree Pruning in Lawrenceville

Professional Tree Pruning

Keeping your trees well maintained can greatly improve the health of your trees. DIY Pruning isn’t always an option with the dangers of tree pruning. Having a professional company like KnowScapes prune your trees is always a great choice. Give us a call today for your free estimate on all your tree pruning needs.

The importance of tree pruning

 plays a big role in your yards landscape. Trees and shrubs are living organisms, they will continue to grow and their needs will change over time. Having a professional tree care company can help you decide how to best take care of your valued landscape.

  • Removing limbs that are hanging, diseased, or dead not only keeps you safe and your tree healthy but can also promote healthy growth.
  • Thinning the canopy of your trees can also help understory trees and shrubs get more sunlight.
  • Removing epicormic shoots (also known as sucker shoots) from a tree can help the tree get the needed amount of nutrients from the root system.
  • Trees that have been damaged by high winds will benefit from proper pruning. Proper pruning can be a more cost effective way to save a tree rather than just removing it.

Why hire a professional arborist

An trained arborist can see problems with your trees that you may not see. A trained arborist has the tools and the know how to safely prune your trees large and small. Call KnowScapes today for your free estimate.

Here are 4 reasons to call a professional at KnowScapes 

Scientific knowledge

Tree pruning and trimming is not just an skill, its a science as well. Knowing what branch to cut and why is just the beginning of what KnowScapes takes into consideration. Being able to spot a broken,  diseased, stressed, or cross branches is crusail in pruning trees. Being able to alter the growth of a tree away from a home or other structure plays another part as well.

Pruning trees in the proper season

All trees have have different seasonal needs to be met. From blooming to defoliation an arborist knows the right times. Instead of pruning without a schedual KnowScapes can show you the right times to prune your trees. This will keep your property looking healthy for years to come.

Help facilitate and promote growth

A varierty of problems can cause your trees to look unhealthy. This does not necessarily mean you need to remove your tree.  Soil requirements, lack of sunlight, disease, and near by structures can be affecting your tree. Let a skilled arborist assess your tree needs.

Storm damage and emergency care

After any storm a tree can take on damage from high winds and rain. Contacting KnowScapes right away can help your trees chance for survival. Call us now for a free estimate

When it comes to your property trust KnowScapes to get the job done right.